Gear Change - a bold vision for cycling and walking

Tuesday 28 July 2020

The Government published its ‘Cycling and Walking Strategy’ on 27 July 2020 as part of its ambition to make cycling and walking the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey by 2040. Amongst the components of the Strategy is the publication of LTN1/20 ‘Cycle Infrastructure Design‘ which provides guidance to local authorities on delivering high quality, cycle infrastructure including:

  • planning for cycling
  • space for cycling within highways
  • transitions between carriageways, cycle lanes and cycle tracks
  • junctions and crossings
  • cycle parking and other equipment
  • planning and designing for commercial cycling
  • traffic signs and road markings
  • construction and maintenance.

The LTN provides guidance and good practice for the design of cycle infrastructure, in support of the Government’s commitment to £2bn funding for cycling and walking. The new plan aims to build on the significant increase in the number of people cycling during the Covid-19 pandemic. It sets out a comprehensive, long term vision to increase active travel and embed the benefits of walking and cycling into how we live, work and get around.

This increased role for cycling and walking will need to be taken into account when considering planning applications and the preparation of transport assessments and travel plans.