Join us for Bike Month with Love to Ride

Friday 22 May 2020

In these challenging times, one of the positives has been the opportunity for many of us to spend more time outside walking and cycling, both individually and where possible with family, which can help with both our physical and mental health.

The Government has placed cycling at the centre of plans to get the country moving again. As part of this Love to Ride is launching Bike Month this June to help as many people as possible choose Cycling for exercise and transport. This has expanded on Cycling UK which is running the annual national bike week from 6 – 14 June.

Love to Ride are inviting you, your family, friends and colleagues to set yourselves individual and team/company goals for how much riding you want to enjoy.

For further information please follow the link to the Love to Ride website:-

PFA Consulting staff will be joining in! Look out for updates on our progress throughout the month of June.