Fair Mile Rise, Blandford St Mary

PFA have been working on behalf of Persimmon as Travel Plan Coordinator at Fair Mile Rise, a residential development of 61 dwellings in Blandford St Mary in Dorset.  This role centred on implementing ‘soft’ measures to encourage a shift in resident’s travel behaviour away from private car towards more sustainable modes such as walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing.

A bespoke Travel Information Pack was produced which contained a range of information regarding making journeys in and around Blandford St Mary, with a focus on travel by more sustainable modes of transport and reducing the need to travel. Within the pack was a Travel Information Leaflet, along with supplementary inserts such as local bus timetables, cycle route map and information about Car Share Dorset. The Travel Plan Coordinator then liaised with Persimmon sales staff to ensure that Travel Information Packs were distributed to every household as part of their welcome pack on occupation.

To incentivise bus travel residents were offered a bus smartcard loaded with a month’s worth of free travel, this was organised by the Travel Plan Coordinator in partnership with Go South Coast, the provider of local bus services. Once the site achieved 75% occupancy the Travel Plan Coordinator visited the site to talk to residents about making journeys more sustainably. If they hadn’t already taken up the opportunity to try a month’s free bus travel this incentive was promoted. Personalised Travel Planning was also offered to residents where they could receive personalised advice and travel information to help make their journeys more sustainable.

Once the development is complete an independent survey company will be commissioned to undertake travel surveys to establish how many trips residents are taking and by what means. This data will be compared to the predicted trip rates estimated as part of the Transport Assessment. Travel surveys will then be repeated on an annual basis to establish any changes in resident’s travel behaviour, with a monitoring report produced and shared with Dorset County Council. Should target trip rates exceeded targets remedial measures will be implemented to help ‘boost’ travel by sustainable means.