A46(T) & M5 J9 Highway Improvement Schemes

The A46(T) and M5 J9 northbound off-slip are trunk road highway improvement schemes subject of S278 Agreements between National Highways (NH) and Robert Hitchins Ltd (RHL) to support development at Fiddington, Gloucestershire. The first part of that development is a new Dobbies Garden Centre, the largest in the country.

The A46(T) scheme comprised the widening of the existing single lane to dual carriageway between J9 and Alexandra Way. The J9 Northbound Offslip comprises the widening of the embankment to permit the introduction of an additional lane at the stop line, including drainage, pavement design, safety barriers, sheet piled retaining wall and upgrading the traffic signals.

On behalf of RHL, PFA Consulting have provided transport planning services and been the Design Organisation for these schemes from inception through the NH technical approval stages and are now providing supporting advice during the construction and handover stages.

PFA have been assisted by structural consultant, Crouch Waterfall for the retaining wall and Aspect Traffic Solutions for the traffic signals.