St John's Road, Bathwick

PFA Consulting provided professional services to a private individual associated with the development comprising a new detached dwelling within the curtilage of an existing property in Bath. Due to the site’s location in Flood Zones 2 and 3 a Flood Risk Assessment was required to support the planning application.

The scope of the flood risk assessment focused on the mechanisms of flood risk from the River Avon. A statistical analysis of the river flows and associated flood depths was undertaken to assess the Environment Agency’s updated climate change allowances on modelled flood levels. The outputs from this exercise were used to set ground floor levels to ensure the property was appropriately protected from watercourse flooding. An assessment of flood levels, flow routes and probably flood duration was undertaken to assess flood evacuation routes from the proposed property. The FRA also dealt with the technical elements of the Exception Test necessary to provide a planning justification for development in this location.

Based on a detailed assessment of the River Avon’s flood risk and flooding mechanism, mitigation measures have been proposed. With these measures in place the proposed development would appropriately safe for its lifetime taking account of the vulnerability of its users.