Tiverton EUE

PFA Consulting provided professional services to Chettiscombe Trust in relation to the outline planning application for the mixed used development at Blundell’s Road, Tiverton.

A Flood Risk Assessment and a Flood Risk and Drainage Environmental Statement Chapter were produced to support the outline planning application for the scheme. Further supplementary information was produced and a planning application coordinated for additional detention basins required to serve the amended development proposals.

A sustainable drainage system was proposed to manage surface water runoff on the site. Where ground conditions were suitable infiltration drainage was proposed encouraging groundwater recharge. For the remainder of the site a series of cascading detention basins with discharges to onsite watercourses was proposed. The strategy aims to mimic the natural drainage regime of the site and to capture and treat runoff before discharge into the catchment of the Tidcombe Lane Fen Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Runoff rates and a water quality monitoring programme were agreed with Devon County Council and Natural England to minimise the effect of the development on the SSSI. These measures were formalised in a SuDS Maintenance and Monitoring Plan.