Does your project require Expert Witness advice?

Our experienced Expert Witnesses have a wide range of planning and engineering knowledge

Expert evidence and its presentation at a variety of different tribunals, whether for a Planning Examination, a Planning Appeal,
a Compulsory Purchase Order, a Damages or Nuisance Claim, or, indeed a Criminal Prosecution, can be crucial for many projects and clients.

We have experience of producing and presenting evidence, working with some of the most senior Counsel and respected legal firms in the country.

We understand our duty is to provide our professional opinions in a clear, and coherent, manner, irrespective of whom we are instructed by.

Key Expert Witness Services

Evidence to Planning and Highway Inquiries
(acting for Appellants, Planning Authorities and 3rd Parties).

Evidence to Compulsory Purchase Inquiries
(acting for affected landowners and acquiring bodies).

Evidence to support (or defend) Damage, Nuisance or Personal Injury claims
where highway or drainage issues are material.

Evidence at Magistrates and Crown courts
where expert Highway or Drainage opinions are required.

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